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Small But Mighty Equines


Minis and Friends South Plains was created by a group of friends who wanted to share their love for miniature horses and the healing work they do with people in the community. Our focus for visiting is primarily on weekends. We will bring our mini horse ambassadors to your centers, facilities, schools, hospitals and hospice - where ever the need is - we will come.


Headliner News

Summer Fundraisers with the minis! Come on out and help the little horse therapists to raise money to keep them on the road!


NEW! The Blue Sky fundraiser was very successful! Thanks to all of you who came and helped the minis!


Fundraiser at Market Street on 98th and Quaker on July 21-22. Minis and Me Memory pictures for $5 donation.


A special visit with friends at Wedgewood South in March. Ed with Snuggles.



Visit our photo memories of recent visits :

Whitewood Lanes Say No To Drugs

Wedgewood South March 2012

Safety City 2012

Bender Terrace May 2012

Ranch Day 2012

Carillon Feb 2012


If you see a location you would like to attend with us - contact Volunteer at: melanie@minisandfriends-southplains.org


If you would like to schedule a visit from us - contact Melanie at:


Visiting Schedule for June. You must be a trained volunteer to attend them. Interested in helping out? Email Melanie for more information.

June 13 YMCA at Wheelock
June 14 Safety City
June 16 Circle 6 Camp in Stanton
June 21 West Texas Rehab Camp, San Angelo
June 30 Harmonee House, Amherst and Heritage Oaks


GMAN Creative has made us our first video! Make sure you allow this YouTube Video to load! Enjoy!



Recent photos from visits and community events for 2012 can be found on our Photo Gallery. Click here to see what the little horse therapists have been up to!


We now have PayPal for easy donating!


Our Gunner had to have surgery for his obstructed bowels and slight twist in the large intestine. The surgery cost between $3000-$5000, if anyone would like to donate to his vet bill - we need assistance to pay the vet and help get him back into the therapy world again.





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Contact Us:

Minis and Friends

South Plains

5412 9th Street

Lubbock, TX 79416


We are 100% volunteer and donation based. Your donation helps to keep the little horse and donkey therapists on the road to bring big smiles, hope and healing.


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GMAN Creative

Mini thanks to Gary Bain for our awesome new video!


Mini thanks to Nizhoni Pet Photography by Amanda Demare for the wonderful pictures "At the Bridge" (to view USER: bridge

PASSWD: minis)


In the Community:


  • Fundraiser at Market Street on 98th and Quaker on July 21-22. Minis and Me Memory pictures for $5 donation.


We Need You!

Step outside your comfort zone and work with Minis and Friends to bring smiles, hope and healing to our community!


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