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We design our visits around the needs of the facilities and support events!


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The Itty Bitty Horse Reading Program- Roy Roberts Elementary 
  • Helping students who struggle with academics due to a learning disability.
  • Students look forward to the incentive of reading to our horses in the library.

  • Our handlers contribute by encouraging communication skills.

Visiting in the Community


  • Visiting Children and Families Dealing with Homelessness

  • Bringing Minis to Children, Youth and Young Adults in Transition (i.e. Shelters, Boys Ranch, Rehab and Drug Abuse Health, etc.) 

  • Visiting Children with Physical, Mental and Emotional Disabilities 

  • Bringing Minis to Children Experiencing Difficulties and Emotional Distress

Nursing Home Visits


  • Visiting Elders/Dependent Adults in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

  • Bringing Minis to Elders dealing with Dementia and Alzheimers’s
    (i.e. Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Alzheimer Walk, etc.)


Other Activities
  • In support of other local non-profits in the work they do at events and walks

  • Bringing miniature horses for presentations and educational activities

  • MS Walk, Juvenile Diabetes Walk, Downs Syndrome (Buddy Walk) (i.e. Walks of all kinds, schools, libraries, public events, fundraisers)


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